Our individual experience program is where it all started. Through delivering life-enhancing assistance to New Hampshire families we have learned a lot. In 2017 and 2018 additional programs were launched: Group Experience, Essentials, and Hot Shot.

Group Experience Program

Group experiences are designed for all of our High Hopes Families, past, present and future. We strive to facilitate ongoing access to inclusive social experiences. These group experiences provide a relaxed and welcoming environment where everyone is free to be themselves and also allows families to connect with each other. Previous Group Experiences include:

  • Manchester Monarchs, Manchester, NH
  • Fisher Cats, Manchester, NH
  • Disney on Ice, Manchester, NH
  • Harlem Globetrotters, Manchester, NH
  • Nashua Silver Knights, Nashua, NH
  • The Polar Express Experience, North Conway, NH

We are working on exciting new adventures with local performing arts venues to grow our group experiences to new levels. Stay tuned!

Essentials Program

The essentials program helps to pick up where some insurance companies might leave off. Our mission includes providing access to everyday essentials that allow children and the families supporting them to live better lives. Essentials program requests include but are not limited to:

  • Providing wheelchair accessories
  • Providing a first-floor bed for comfort and easy access after treatments
  • Providing access ramps and/or small home modifications for accessibility

The High Hopes Foundation’s Hot Shot Program

The Hot Shot program was designed to seek out and recognize individuals facing their obstacles with strength and courage. Working to overcome their hardships, these children have been true inspirations.

GirlSamantha – Samantha was born prematurely at barely 4lbs. After she suffered a stroke, she was diagnosed with life-threatening epilepsy. Samantha was told she might not survive to age 12, that she would never drive, and that she would never go to college. At Age 7, Samantha had such a massive seizure, her only option was brain surgery.  The surgery removed the entire left hemisphere of her brain. Samantha needed to learn how to speak, walk and feed herself again. Although she is now only able to use one hand, she puts up her own hair, ties her own shoes and paints her own nails! Samantha is even currently enrolled at Wheelock College in Boston focusing on a Special Education degree.

BoyElliot – Elliot was born at 25 weeks, weighing just 1lb 9oz, the size of a water bottle. It took a team of medical staff and over two hours of prep time for his parents to be able to hold him during their time at the hospital. Elliot needed additional care and early intervention services as he grew. His parents learned how to work with Elliot to make him stronger and to become the spirited young boy he is today. Elliot’s story Hot Shot experience was sweetened even more when we were approached by Jaela who was looking to use her birthday money to give back to the community.  Thanks for helping us out with this Hot Shot Experience Jaela!


Zoelyn – Zoelyn is an optimistic, energetic and bright-eyed young girl who was diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) at the age of six. ADEM is a rare autoimmune disease marked by sudden and widespread attack of inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. After almost six weeks of invasive testing, Zoe’s diagnose was confirmed when 12 inflammatory lesions were discovered on her brain and spinal cord. Following aggressive treatment aimed at rapidly reducing the inflammation on her brain and spinal cord, ten of Zoe’s lesions have been eliminated, but two will remain for the rest of her life. What does this mean for Zoe? She currently deals daily with higher level executive function difficulties, specifically sleep and mood regulation, the constant struggle to gain weight and also the fact that any viral infection could trigger another acute episode of ADEM. Long-term, Zoe’s mom Sandy adjusts to the reality that in certain cases, ADEM can progress to multiple sclerosis. Despite all of this, Zoe and her family strive to keep her life as normal as any other young girl. For Zoe, that means a lot of dancing and a lot of arts and crafts!

Check back for more as we look for our next Hot Shot. Do you know a child that is deserving of being High Hopes Foundation’s next Hot Shot of the Month? If so, just fill out the referral form and let us know about this amazing child. Why wait, you may know the next Hot Shot!

We are ready for your referral! If you know a family that our services could help let us know by connecting with us at