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High Hopes Story

Imagine the delight in granting a life-changing-Experience to a child who lives with serious health problems. This is the mission of High Hopes Foundation of New Hampshire, a non-profit, charitable organization headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire. For over 30 years, High Hopes Foundation has brought hope, joy, and light to hundreds of New Hampshire children with serious illnesses by providing them life-enriching Experiences.

The High Hopes mission began in 1983 when two neighbors, Jacqueline Yinger and Dawn Cavanaugh, were inspired by the unselfish support and generosity of their community. That mission continues today, as the High Hopes Foundation endeavors to:

Meet the needs of qualifying children
Strive for sustainable and quality growth
Establish enduring relationships
Become a model of non-profit excellence

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High Hopes Children

Over the years, High Hopes Foundation has granted hundreds of Experiences to the children of New Hampshire. These life-changing-Experiences are as unique as the children who receive them. From single-event Experiences like family trips, shopping sprees, and meeting star athletes, to Experiences that impact children and families in the long-term, such as home remodels to allow for handicap accessibility, training for therapeutic dogs, equine camps for young riders, and more.

Do you know a child that you believe would benefit from receiving an Experience from High Hopes? If so, please let us know. Our organization is only as successful as the involvement of the community and that begins with a referral. Identifying potential candidates for selection, based on the following eligibility criteria, is an important first step. New Hampshire resident children who:

Are ages 3-18
Have a serious or chronic illness
Haven’t received a “wish” from another agency
Are referred by community members

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How You Can Help

High Hopes is always striving to meet the needs of New Hampshire’s children.  But we can’t do that without your support. The High Hopes Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc. is a volunteer-based organization, which relies on the strength and generosity of the community to make a difference in the lives of these children. We have a number of events that we facilitate throughout the year and we’re always looking for help to ensure the events are a success.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to our goal of bringing hope and joy to New Hampshire’s children with medically challenging conditions. Making a financial donation or attending an event, volunteering your time and talents, and more. Any help you can provide will go a long way for these children:

Make an individual donation
Become an event volunteer
Join the organization
Participate as a corporate sponsor

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