High Hopes Children

Meet the High Hopes Children

At High Hopes Foundation we can have 5 to 10 children awaiting their special Experience at any given time – from children just entering the process through a community referral to children with fully-funded Experiences…and anywhere in between!

We would like you to meet a few of the children that are currently waiting patiently for their Experiences to begin…

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Current High Hopes Children

A 14 year old boy suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Spastic, quadriplegic, Epilepsy, Osteoporosis and a number of other disabilities. Both of his parents and his two siblings are all working together to meet his medical needs, but are currently challenged with failing transportation. High Hopes Foundation has just approved the family’s request of $2,500. Our donation, along with funds from other assistance programs, will enable the family to purchase a much needed wheelchair-accessible van.

Dear High hopes Foundation,

Thanks so so so much, this help means a lot for us. Life with a handicapped person isn’t easy. But, with love and help from people like you, we can have less stress and get relief to keep going. Of course I will let you know when the Mini-Van is ready and see if we can go to pick it up together. Roger told me that it will take 6 to 8 weeks. At this time it has been 2 weeks that they have been working on it, so that means we have to wait about one more month.

Sincerely, you have our deep gratitude.
Diana and Alfonso Kuri

A young man with Cerebral Palsy who has endured multiple procedures and surgeries. He loves nature and the outdoor life, including hunting and fishing which are his favorite activities. Connor, who was once wheelchair-bound, receives several physical therapy sessions per week and through hard work and surgeries, he currently walks with braces. He is early in the evaluation process, but his favorite activity is camping, so his Experience will involve the outdoors in some capacity.

This child suffered many years with an undiagnosed muscle condition until recently it was identified. His condition, now known, is degenerative – he currently walks with a significant limp, but will require accommodations soon. This young man is very enthusiastic, active, loves sports and most of all, loves his family. His mother, knowing the challenges ahead is looking for an “Experience” that is timeless. They are looking for a “Magical Trip” for the whole family…

Former High Hopes Children

Meet MayaMeet Jesse

“My son, Dylan (9) has not had a very easy life. He has had to endure what most kids his age could never even have imagined. When High Hopes granted him a wish and he could chose anything, without hesitation he chose to go to Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas. Dylan wanted to meet his idol, Dennis Anderson, which is the driver of Grave Digger. High Hopes did more for Dylan than just grant him the opportunity to meet his idol, they gave him memories that he, nor I, will ever forget.

When we got to Las Vegas, the sites were simply amazing, breath taking. They put us up in a kid friendly hotel where Dylan actually felt comfortable to explore. Dylan had his first roller coaster ride and got to ride on bumper cars. Every day was honestly a new adventure. The morning after we got there, the Monster Jam events began. We got to go to Sam Boyd Stadium with 11 other Make A Wish families, got to meet each and every driver and ride in a monster truck. When Dylan saw his idol, Dennis Anderson, he could not even speak nor move. We tried everything to get Dylan to go meet his driver. Finally after a few moments, Dennis found Dylan and not only said hello to him but gave him the biggest hug. Overcome with emotion, tears began to fall, as I saw the excitement in my sons eyes, this was the moment that he had been longing for. He finally got the chance to meet his idol. Dennis, along with the other drivers not only took time to meet each of the kids but they took the time to hear their stories. After the initial meeting the event for these special kids expanded into the Sam Boyd field where he got to take pictures and get his year book signed. Again each driver took the time to get to know the kids that were there. This is where Dylan was told how to make his dream of being a Monster Truck driver come true. They actually told him how to get started in the racing business and the equipment that he would need, etc. Still to this day he talks about this.”

Just when you would think that the trip couldn’t get better, High Hopes was not done making this trip unforgettable, the night of the races, the stadium was full. High Hopes had Dylan and me sitting latterly right on the finish line. As the trucks went by, we were so close dirt was being kicked up on us. I have never seen my son light up the way he did while he was at this stadium. This was supposed to me my sons dream true, his unforgettable experience, but I have to tell you, to see Dylan as happy and excited as he was, honestly made my dreams come true as well and this was not only a trip that he will never forget but this is a trip that me and my whole family will never forget. We have High Hopes to thank for this because we could have never given this chance to Dylan, but High Hopes did and we will be forever grateful.

Heidi Roberge