2015 Peterborough Open
Crotched Mountain Golf Club

25th Annual Tournament will be August 13, 2016


On August 15, more than 100 golfers joined us for our 24th annual Peterborough Open, in support of the High Hopes Foundation of New Hampshire, and the chronically and seriously ill children we serve. The day was filled with sunshine, amazing people, a fantastic round of golf and wonderful memories!

Together, we raised more than $13,000 to help provide life-changing Experiences to children! During the lunch reception, we were able to grant an Experience to Jamie, who has autism, anxiety, ADHD and seizures. Jamie has difficulty being around large groups of people, and sounds (especially loud ones) are difficult for her. Because of these issues, her family made the decision two years ago to homeschool her, so that she could truly focus on school and not on anxiousness. For the last several years, Jamie has been a part of the local 4-H group. When Jamie is around the animals, her anxiety levels are significantly reduced and this gives her confidence to be in a social setting.

Jamie with OreoHigh Hopes was happy to announce we will be able to provide Jamie with a therapy dog, who will be able to alert others to her pending seizures and if she’s leaving a designated area, to calm her anxiousness, and to be a consistent friend. Working with Karla of Gilford Golden Guardians, Oreo the puppy is already proving himself with his training, learning to roll over, speak on command, sit and stay, all using either verbal instruction or sign language. He’s also on track to be able to spot seizures soon.

Jamie with Oreo

Photos by Long Hill Photography

2015 Peterborough Open

Photos by Long Hill Photography

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