Published on July 3, 2012 under High Hopes

Submitted by Angela Roussel-Roberge

Today we hear these familiar buzz words:sustainable, renewable, organic.If you are as old as I am, which I’d like to categorize as a ‘fine wine’ age, these buzz words were how you lived every day. As one of nine children, I wore hand-me-downs, helped hang laundry on the clothes line, pulled nails out of the side of the shed and straightened them out for reuse on another project. The list goes on. All of this sustaining of our household made me an integral part of the family, and the tasks gave me a genuine sense of responsibility, belonging, and purpose.

Throughout my life, I have always been a volunteer. I had leadership roles and was just very involved … It has always been my civic duty.When I started my business a few years back, I took a hiatus from volunteering to concentrate on my business.I soon realized that I was feeling very unfulfilled.Part of me was missing; so I became part of High Hopes Foundation.I believe that when we help children, their families find a moment of joy, create a great memory, or enjoy a moment of respite.Helping others makes me very happy and fulfilled– something I cannot achieve through a paycheck, no matter how much money I do or don’t make.When I volunteer, I belongand I have a greater purpose which gives me sustainable joy!


I encourage anyone who is feeling as if something is ‘missing’, to join High Hopes Foundation. I promise you three things:

– New friends,

– Sustainable, renewable joy, and

– That every volunteer is organic!


—Peace & Joy



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